Industrial solutions for modern factories

Team up and colaborate

Transform the way your company recruit, interact with and manage people.

Keep all important employee information in one place.

Communicate effectively with workers on the shop floor.

Empower your workforce

Reach the full potential of your company by ensuring that your workforce is knowledgeable and skilled with our training manager.

Achieve unmatched repeatability and quality while enabling people to work more independently by implementing interactive multimedia standard operating procedures.

Improve productivity while looking after the well-being and safety of workers with complete range of H&S tools.

Plan and manage

Gain full visibility of future inventory requirements and avoid costly material shortfalls.

Manage your workforce and resources effectively with our accurate production capacity planner.

Organize complex manufacturing processes and other business activities with our project manager.

Procure your materials and services

Benefit from real-time, accurate and detailed inventory visibility.

Cut costs and simplify your purchases by creating and sending purchase orders automatically and updating the inventory in real-time when goods have been received.

Validate supplier invoices against POs and goods received using our 3 way automatic matching process. Track orders easily across all your purchasing history and life cycle.

Produce like never before

Create an extremely flexible manufacturing environment to accommodate strong product customization and increase resource efficiency.

Monitor and manage your production in real time.

Improve your processes by putting in place performance monitoring and dashboards.

Deliver your products

Keep records of all the communications and interactions with your customers in one place.

Manage your orders and keep your customers informed.

Eliminate costly errors using our electronic packing instructions, barcode labelling and dispatch system.

Save administration time by automating your invoicing.

Finance effectively

See at a glance how your company is doing with complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business.

Support your team and customers

Protect your assets with comprehensive tracking and managing tools.

Reduce breakdowns by developing and implement preventative maintenance programs.

Provide quick and efficient internal and external technical support using our ticketing system.