Get to know us

How it all started

Gabriel Gomez our founder has a big passion for engineering and in our beginnings was all about industrial automation and writing software for manufacturing all sort of cool things.

The root of our enthusiasm comes from our desire to do something that's never been done before and delivering leading-edge and cost-effective industrial solutions.

What we solve

Manufacturing Companies have been heavily investing on machine automation while continuing to run labour processes with paper instructions, spreadsheets or at best traditional ERP, MRP and MES systems.

This model created huge technological gaps and disconnection between machines and manual labour processes reaching now a point of total stagnation when trying to achieve further benefits.

Our solution

We want to the help making the fourth industrial revolution a reality by connecting machines, computers, smart devices or things, people at work, customers and suppliers.

Our goal is to create extremely flexible manufacturing environments to accommodate strong product customisation , increase resource efficiency, improve the ergonomics for workers and deliver significant financial benefits.

How we do it

We are a friendly company with full in house expertise on industrial control systems, machine automation, electronic engineering, industrial networks, software engineering, and more importantly a complete and up-to-date understanding of all the world class manufacturing techniques, philosophies and concepts.

We spend many hours every week working on the shop floor were we develop, implement and refine new ideas and concepts which provide long and short term measurable benefits in all areas of the factory right up to the top enterprise levels.

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