Manufacturing software in the cloud

Powering the 4th Industrial Revolution

IQuatro offers a new alternative to traditional ERP, MRP and MES software, delivering industrial solutions specially developed for modern factories, taking advange of the latest technologies and aimed at revolutionizing how things are made once again.

Connecting everyone and everything

Connectivity has revolutionized the world and we are bringing it inside the factories by using mobile devices and wearables not only to increase productivity, but also to create a safer and more engaging environment for workers.

Fusing the real & the virtual

IQuatro's apps are designed from the bottom up focused on the activities around the shop floor and engineered to create a virtual digital model of the physical world.

The digital model is used to analyse real world events and help your workforce reach unprecedented potential to get the job done like never before.

Adaptable and affordable

Our sofware has a modular design and is customizable to suit every budget and factory size.

We promise to keep it adaptable to fit individual business needs and affordable so not only large corporations can benefit from it.